Importance of Cleansing

No matter what your current state of health, you can benifit from a cleanse. Chronic disease is on the rise, and many people are suffering from something, getting tests done and taking medications to treat symptoms. We no longer have to get sick to get healthy. You can preemptively take charge of your health through diet and cleansing.

There is such an exciting paradigm shift happening in medicine. It’s called Functional Medicine, with an emphasis on nutrition, gut health and mind body connection.  Cleansing and rebuilding of the gut microbiome are keys to bring your body back into a state of optimum balance.

It can take time to cleanse and rebuild.  A general guideline is 1. an overall body detox, 2. a microbial cleanse, parasite and yeast cleanse, 3. targeted cleansing, heavy metal and liver cleanse,  4. Rebuild your gut, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes etc.

We have a line of herbal cleanses that are a great start or for people who are ready to make a deeper level of commitment we have a protocol available.  When you purchase a package of  colonics, saunas and massages you will receive 15% off herbal products.

The most important part of cleansing is elimination! If your not eliminating through your seven elimination systems, blood, lymph, lungs, kidneys, colon, liver and skin, your cleanse will not be successful.

If you want to educate yourself, here are few books I recommend. Check out our facebook page also, lots of good information and resources.

Clean, by Dr. Alejandro Junger  ( the audiobook is available on

Clean Gut, by Alejandro Junger,M.D.

Cleanse Your Body Clear your Mind, by Dr. Jeffrey A. Morrison

The Amazing Liver Gallbladder Flush, by Dr. Andreas Moritz

The Detox Beauty Solution, by Kimberly Snyder C.N.

Essential Cleansing for Perfect Health, by Brenda Watsun N.D.

All recommend colon hydrotherapy and Infrared Saunas as part of their protocol.