What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

We use the FDA certified LIBBE.  It is classified as a medical device and is an open system.  Your certified colon Hydrotherapist will be operating the device, and guiding you through the process, turning it off and on, and adjusting the temperature.  You are in a private room and have total privacy other than your therapist checking in on you throughout the 30-45 minutes.  You control the flow of water at all times, turning it off and on, as needed.

This description is from the book, Clean Your Body, Clear Your Mind by Dr. Jeffery A. Morrison,M.D.  He is a physician and nutritionist focusing on environmental and integrative medicine.

This technique is very useful for more than just chronic constipation, it is also important for improving detoxification by stimulating the reflex dumping of toxins as stool is eliminated from the body.  Low pressure water is administered into the large intestine by a trained colon therapist with the goal of both removing impacted or retained stool from the entire colon as well as enhancing the transit time in which bile produced by the gallbladder is evacuated.

Bile is full of enzymes that help to digest fat, and it contains many toxins as well.  Under ordinary circumstances, the bile will move through the colon with digested food in a process that generally takes twelve to twenty-four hours. During that time, most of the bile is reabsorbed for reprocessing in the body.  However, a good portion of the toxins get reabsorbed as well.  During a successful colonic therapy session, the transit time is increased to about forty-five to sixty minutes, thereby allowing the body to evacuate whatever toxins were in the bile.

When done properly my patients report a feeling of clear headedness and a light feeling in the body.