Traditional Swedish Massage– soothing and relaxing, helps improve circulation, and reset the body.

Deep Tissue Massage- using deep pressure, working attachments and some stretching, using essential oils that help with pain and inflammation.
60 minute.                                                                       60.00
90 minute.                                                          90.00

Lymphatic Drainage’ – This is deeper work although it feels light.  This treatment helps build your immune system, accelerates the movement of the lymphatic fluid, which cleans toxins from the blood. A large number of your lymph nodes in the lower body are connected to your colon. Doing a lymphatic massage before a colonic and sauna can really accelerate the removal of toxins. Most effective if you do a series of them.
70 minute                                                           60.00
Package of 5                                                              250.00

Hot Stone Massage– can be added to traditional or deep tissue.  The stones warm tissue and encourage the body to deeply relax. If you haven’t tried, you’ll love them!!
Add                                                                                10.00

Infrared Sauna is a great way to end a massage.

Add                                                                                 15.00

Out-Call Massage

60 min.                                                               95.00

90 min.                                                                           125.00